"For too long this Kingdom has been in disarray. The only ones who have traveled outside our realms have never returned. Lords dare not expand without hesitance. Travelers dream of what lies beyond the boundaries of the Provinces that keep them safe. Today, I head out into the unknown. I know not what I will find, but I know that it will be better than remaining here in Cador. This is my last entry, to whomever finds it… Don't bother looking."
- Final Journal Entry of Professor Merver Uvine, Head Professor at Turtles' Den Northern Academy.

Lemnisia has history that has been recorded for nearly 7 centuries. It has seen Lords come and go, Provinces rise and fall. It has been through countless wars that have divided, as well as unified the people of the land. A place where magic is seen as normal, and the Gods have gone so far as to interject into the Realm of Mortals, granting individuals with a small taste of their omnipotence. The 6 Lords play a cunning game of war, and diplomacy, to try and assure that they are the one to end up as the King of Lemnisia. Meanwhile, poverty stricken families struggle to find their next meal.

Reign of the Demigods

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