The Province of Cador is one of the earliest founded. It's capital, Ships' Haven serves as a port city of many uses. This province lies in the between two mountain ranges, giving it a good defendable position. They are under constant attack from the Slureans, but hold an alliance with their neighbors in Gothage.



The Northwesters mountain range belongs to the Hantis. This is home to many Dwarves, Dragonborn, and Goliaths. Although not the best, they do have a naval force to accompany their military when able. They are in open war with both the Slurean and Oslonate forces, which puts them in a tough position, having no allies.



Gothage is in fact the oldest existing province there is. However, they are also the closest to being eliminated. With a dwindling military force, and less than ideal geographical conditions, they are struggling to play catch up. They are allied with Cador, and rumors spread that the two eventually plan to merge together.



The holders of the Northeastern mountain ranges, the Slurean's are the most aggressive of all forces. They have the strongest military, and are determined to unite all the provinces into a single Kingdom. They currently have armies pushing out to Cador and Netish. They also have small forces attack Hantis when it is mutually beneficial for them to aid the Oslonate forces in an attack.



The Oslonate province is a very traditional province. Their military uses stealth and guerilla tactics before a head on fight. They work together with the Slureans to keep the battles off their home front. This in turn keeps the people delighted, despite being at war with the Hantis army.



The Netish do what they can to hold off the Slurean forces from taking over, they have a strong naval military and rely a lot on the trading with Cador, due to being cut off from other provinces via land. They stand as allies with Gothage due to their beneficial trading agreement.


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