Gothage is a lower-income province. Many of its people are hungry, homeless, or both. The population is made of approximately 40% Elves, 30% Humans, 20% Gnomes, and 10% Other races. The crime rates are a bit high, partly due to the small law enforcement within each city. Most visitors are surprised at the lack of racism from locals, but this is not due to an actual absence of racism, but more so that they have other things to worry about. In some areas you will find a strong sense of community while others are hostile, not willing to help or be helped. Market streets are often empty of merchants and more often filled with beggars.


Gothage lies to the Southeast of Cador, with mountains to its west, and a sea to the south. This leads to rather humid environments, causing many swamps to form. It is almost fitting that the word "Goth" is in the province name because that is how it feels. Fog often falls over the land, a moist feeling fills the air, and the ground is consistently wet from dew, or saturated soil. The roads are muddy and old. The tree's, if not dead, are withered or a deep green. As you travel closer to Cador though, the grass gets greener, and the world almost feels to come more alive.


The biggest influence that Gothage holds over the rest of the kingdom is their trade from rare beasts and plants within the swamps. Hunters and gatherers are often out searching for something to eat, or trade. This can get them in some pretty dire situations as not all the wildlife will go down without a fight. Their fields produce plants that are sub-par for foreign trade, but their mines do contain some of the largest Tin deposits in the lands, so they also have that going for them.


Despite it's age, Gothage only has five cities, one of which is completely separated from the rest due to wars from the past. The cities are the Capital, [[Slyburn Hold]]. The town deep within the swam, Black Hallow. The dense forest city of Falkirk, the mining city of Holmfirth, and the city known as the Bastard Town, Ilragorn. To get to and from Ilragorn, one must travel through Cadors capital of [[Ships' Haven]].


Almost nonexistent, the Gothage military contains young soldiers with little training. This is because the older soldiers have retired, or died off. However a military is almost futile to have, as it is less than 15,000 troops total. They try to maitain peace but often come off as bullies who abuse their power. There is such little structure when it comes to the forces of Gothage that many soldiers will abandon post, and never return.


The Gothage government is run as a Plutocracy, taking the wealthiest people in the province together to make decisions as a whole. The Council of Nine, as they're referred to, meet once a month to discuss inbound issues from more local governmental bodies and handle the issues in order of what they feel is most relevant. This often leads to the rich and powerful staying, and becoming more rich and powerful. The Council of Nine contains the following members:

  1. Berem Bhoso, a male Human from Black Hallow
  2. Riris Dotsk, a female Human from Slyburn Hold
  3. Gref Staknon, a male Human from Falkirk
  4. Theomon Omatoris, a male Elf from Falkirk
  5. Ronner Torkeck, a male Gnome from Ilragorn
  6. Tumotur Kirig, a female Half-Orc from Holmfirth
  7. Roseis "Poetry" Naborys, a female Tiefling from Slyburn Hold
  8. Craynor Leoros, a male Half-Elf from Black Hallow
  9. Urira Inafiel, a female Elf from Ilragorn

    Each city also has a more localized government, usually containing one of the members of the Council of Nine in it as well. With this they are able to handle immediate problems on a day to day basis. Each of the Council members are always guarded by 3 trained soldiers called The Blades of the Fog.


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